12 June, 2012

Beliefs; Do You Bother?

 When we decide we believe in something, what  runs through our heads? Do we actually go through a process of determining what that belief entails? Do we really think what it is going to mean to us, or what it will require of us?

Take for instance, the idea of Salvation. Many people will tell you they are in need of it because of the sin in their lives. They will go so far as to tell you that everyone has the same problem, and that only God can forgive that sin. Many people will also tell you that God will save someone because of their sin, not because they saw sin in their lives and needed a way out.

So, where is the problem?  In my mind, the problem is when we try to make our beliefs fit our thoughts. We have the  notion that God can, and will, cover all sins. He doesn't want any of us to perish, to go to Hell. Which is true, Jesus came as the atoning sacrifice for us. He made a sacrifice so great, that it paid the price so that we might come before God and have that relationship with Him (Col. 1: 15- 22). The problem is that God does not storm the gates and conquer the city! I John 2: 1-6 teaches  that very concept. We must choose to follow His commands. Just as we chose to sin ( rebel against God) so must we choose to follow Him. Look at God's Grace. According to Scripture, it is the very thing that makes salvation possible (Acts 15: 11; Eph. 2: 3-8; Titus 3: 3-7, etc...).  Grace, by definition, is a free gift. Something we did not earn. Simple. Basic. The difficulty comes when faced with trying to come to terms with God's grace and our humanity. We have a huge desire to mess things up! We have a strange ability to do so knowing it is wrong! We see this choice in front of us, we know that it is wrong and do it anyway; this is sin. We make a choice and it is done! God's grace, on the other hand, is capable of covering so many of these things (II Cor. 5: 18-20).  With the expressed purpose of allowing us to have a relationship with God. The term "relationship" is the key. No relationship is one-sided, it must have more than one working on the same thing for it to work and grow. In short, both parties must choose, purposely decide, to make a personal investment into this relationship to make it happen.

I do have a question: Why do people say that we need to be saved because of the sin in our lives, yet not acknowledge that salvation and sin are both choices?  Is it just because someone told us that man is too sinful to be able to do anything? Was God consulted either in prayer or through Bible reading? Where did the thought come from? Do we try to make sure that God is kept "up there" too good for us, and we are kept "down here" where we are too bad for Him? We acknowledge God's grace, yet not that we have to accept it. Why?

I have a challenge for you; Do you know what you believe? If you do, can you tell WHY you believe it? A babbling brook is so very relaxing. It has such a nice, soothing sound. If your beliefs are like a babbling brook, that means you will take anything that falls into it, and pass it right along! No foundation. The next thing that comes along that sounds like it is something you like or is against something you don't like, you will take it, and pass it along as well. No reason as to why you took it, no critea to go by for a basis in the belief, just take it much like a bass would a spoon!
It is not What you believe that counts! It's the Truth BEHIND your beliefs.

Consider it.

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